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Kitchen & Bath Unlimited understands that more goes into kitchen design than pure aesthetics. Sure your kitchen should look great, but it should also be highly functional so that you can efficiently complete tasks within the space. That’s why we offer a host of kitchen accessories that are sure to add to the room’s overall aesthetic appeal, but, ultimately, these kitchen accessories will help you efficiently accomplish daily tasks.

The kitchen accessories we feature are designed to increase storage capability,keep things organized and within easy reach, and make those everyday kitchen tasks easier.


Whether you want those wine glasses or coffee cups within easy reach, want the trash hidden away, want easier access to items in corner cabinets, or want to better organize your cabinets, we have a solution for you.

  • Base cabinet organizers
  • Lazy Susans and corner systems
  • Drawer organizers
  • Spice racks and cabinet door organizers
  • Pantry and cabinet fittings
  • Under cabinet pull downs
  • Tip-out trays
  • Cabinet wine racks
  • Wine bars
  • Butcher blocks
  • Bar Stools
  • Prep tables
  • Shelving
  • Wire racks
  • Built-in towel and toaster storage
  • Pull-out trash cans
  • Appliance lifts and appliance garages 

Visit our showroom at 6313 Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo or call us at (269) 375-2212 to discuss kitchen accessory options for your new or remodeled kitchen.

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