Those Who Bath Apart Stay Together

You made a decision together. For better or worse or richer or poorer, you signed up to take the marital plunge with the love of your life. You know each other’s history and can finish each other’s sentences. However, did you ask the one question that may help ensure decades of wedded bliss? Are his and her separate bathrooms right for you?

The cohabitation of couples can determine how well they get along and what situations they can adapt to. If you have a bohemian type, who never knows where a clean shirt is, living with a straight laced, everything in its place kind of person, who needs order and control?  How can these people happily share a bathroom? Let’s find out the options and benefits of his and her separate bathrooms and what you want to look for.

For Him

Famed British actor Sir Michael Caine put it best with his description of the key to a happy marriage – and he has been married over 40 years! “You start with two bathrooms. You never share a bathroom with your wife.” Truer words may never have been spoken!

While Sir Michael obviously has the prestige and ability to have separate bathrooms, not all of us are so lucky. His point is well made though. Having your own space can be good for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. So if you have to share a small section of the bathroom, separate bathrooms do seem like a great idea.

The following benefits of HIS bathroom are a great reason to consider his and her separate bathrooms:

  • Different schedules
  • Amount of products
  • Length of time “primping”
  • Type of bathroom situation

Separate bathrooms can help with clashing individual personalities and will help establish a sense of space.  Keep the idiosyncrasies separated and the couple will thrive. The individual requirements will make themselves clear.

The need of space and room for a man can be adjusted to his particular needs. The bathroom can be a Spartan, functional room that serves the basic bathroom essentials:

  • Washing
  • Shaving
  • “Taking care of business”

No need for any bright colors or fancy adornments. The best part is he can be responsible for the cleaning!

For Her

Simply put, his and her separate bathrooms can be your family counselor.  A woman can have a different relationship with her bathroom than, perhaps, a man would.  Her bathroom can be a place to relax in a tub or serve as an escape from the day. Soft lighting, scented soaps, and a bubbling bath can mean much more to the farer of the sex.

Separate bathrooms can also help couples understand how they can co-exist in the same house. The ability to recognize the need for separate bathrooms and to act on it is something that separates the real “couples” from married people who lead separate lives, and leads to longer, stronger relationships. Who knew your bathroom choices could reveal so much about yourself and your marriage?

There are various design options you should consider to focus on when taking into consideration HER interests in a separate bathroom as well:

  • Personal design
  • Color choice
  • Lighting options
  • Shower/tub/both
  • Heated floors

Although his and her separate bathrooms are a great way to go, less than 1% of cohabitating couples have separate bathrooms.  At most, people have been able to design and utilize a dual sink situation, but separate bathrooms can be out of reach for many couples. Even with a propensity for couples to have different wants and needs in the bathroom, the idea of a separate bathroom is not always possible.

There are even times when a couple has completely different work times and they don’t want to bother the other and take possibly disturb the other’s sleep. Sleep is such an important commodity. It is related to separate bathrooms because the bathroom is often the first place you visit when you awaken or the last place before you go to bed. Turns out that separate bathrooms may not only be good for your relationship, they are also good for your health!

Is There Enough Room for Separate Bathrooms?

We have talked about the different reasons to have his and her separate bathrooms. There are certain things that can help a relationship go smoothly and separate bathrooms are one of those things. Now comes the question you need to ask yourself:  is there enough room?

There is a universal understanding for wanting to have separate bathrooms and if we were all able to achieve this, it would be so. But we do not.  There is a set design to your constructed home. Adding on just a room can be an expense, but multiplying those costs by the extra price of installing plumbing can be an actual deterrent.

Ask yourself if your existing space accommodates the ability for constructing a new bath. Perhaps there is a large closet that can be annexed or a large bath can be partitioned off into two – maybe in conjuction with annexing a closet. The design and location of the addition is important to the outcome. You want to be able to utilize as much of the existing plumbing as possible to control costs. Maybe one of the most important questions to ask when considering this bold move is: how much space do I need in my bathroom? Remember, this will be your bath alone, so how much space do you need?

Where Do We Go From Here?

You have established the fact that you need separate bathrooms – or at least would prefer. You’ve done the research and believe the need is achievable. There is room in your home to accommodate an additional bathroom and the timeframe for the construction is reasonable.  The next step is to call the professionals!

Kitchen and Bath Unlimited has years of experience in helping to navigate this minefield of designing and constructing his and hers bathrooms. We have helped many couples in the preparation and construction of additional bathroom areas.  We help couples choose the right:

  • Design/layout
  • Colors
  • Accessories
  • Tubs
  • Showers
  • Lighting
  • Flooring

The bathroom experts at Kitchen and Bath Unlimited are ready to help you achieve your dream of his and her separate bathrooms. You will find that being able to separate your time in the bath will help you appreciate the rest of your time together throughout the day all the more. There is a way to be able to relax and recuperate after a long day: the sanctuary of his and her separate bathroom is just that.

When you get to use your own separate bathroom for the first time, you will walk into a room that is something you that you know is wholly yours.  No more having to share an area that can be so private and important. You can get ready in piece without being rushed or worrying if you are bothering your partner. The worlds that will open up to you with this addition to your home will be new and exciting.

Kitchen and Bath Unlimited know how to approach and handle all of your bathroom addition needs.  We will use our years of experience to help you in your decision making process, making your separate bathroom project a breeze. We will go step-by-step through the process to make sure your his and her separate bathroom are everything you need them to be.

What Are You Waiting For?

You believe separate baths is a good idea. You want separate baths. You’ve determined that your floorplan can accommodate it. You’ve worked out the budget and have money set aside for the project, so what are you waiting for, then? With the latest designs, colors, and products, Kitchen and Bath Unlimited is ready today to help you design and construct you’re his and her bathrooms.  We have all of the up to date and modern techniques to make sure your separate bathrooms are built to your exact specifications. We put our customer’s satisfaction at the highest level.

Call us today at 269-375-2212 and let us help you construct the his and her bathrooms of your dreams!